Trainee Scheme

Thinking about young people who want to find his/her first job or, maybe, create his/her own business.

The difference with the local training programmes is that in the local ones they provide only the themes related to the subject, but many of them do not provide practical hands on practice and none of them show the administrative and promotional issues related to the business.

As a complementary part of the centre, we are also managing a print shop and a photography studio. We are able to offer training in both areas.

The training will not only will include the creative and technical aspects of the area the trainee will learn but also administration, promotion and customer relations.

In addition this scheme will provide an advantage for the community too by offering special and very affordable prices, or even free, for the customers that allows the apprentice’s to deliver their orders.

As an example business logo creation free of charge, business cards at prices that allow the centre to cover the costs only, and more. On photography we will be able to offer photography session for families and customers with low income free of charge also. The photos will be delivered by mail and the customers will be able to print them at home or, if they prefer the trainee will be able to print their photos at “cost-cover” prices.

This system will teach trainees all aspects of the business and give them real experience.

We hope also to connect our trainees to a Business Advisor if they wish to develop their own business whereby they receive help and support from the council.