Dementia Friendly Elders Morning & Tango Therapy Club

Elders are of the majority in Blaenavon and we feel it necessary to help them feel well and productive by making available good quality and life enhancing activities. The aim is to promote health and well-being in the golden years so life can be easy and full of joy. Here are some examples of what you can expect:

Activities in the form of group classes and individual sessions for encouraging the healthy brain activity through the coordination and stimulation of the left and right hemispheres responsible for logic and creative inspiration.

Healthy movement will be offered that will not only boost the production of endorphins and serotonin in the body but will enhance balance and the dissolving of chronic bodily tensions thereby enabling a happier existence.

Tango Therapy Movement

Tango therapy uses the Argentinean tango dance to explore the abilities and possibilities of people either in their elder years or with a difficulty such as Parkinson’s or dementia to keep their impulse to move alive. Such things like balance and easing the anxiety are attended too in a way that allows the enjoyment of the dance along with the strength of the music to provide an opportunity for connection. Connection within ones own physiological and physical system and connection with another as you move.

These classes will not be complicated at all, you will learn some steps and also be encouraged to create your own as you go along. We will do breathing exercises, some gentle stretches and dance.