The “Back on your Feet (We trust in you)” Project.

Get your website now to communicate with customers or members.

Due to the actual crisis of the the coronavirus, and the government measures, a lot of small businesses and community groups are finding it difficult to stay in contact with their customers and members.
As they have advised people not to go out and stay at home, it has become necessary now that businesses which usually had no need to be on-line now need to be.
However, they are facing the lack of cash/income to invest in a website and the costs of learning how to use it and keep it alive.

We want to help.

The Art & Well-being for Health organisation, in combination with Tango Creations Photo & Design Studio are offering to help small business and community groups, to create your website.
We understand you do not have money now, but we are ready to trust in you.

We are ready to wait until you are back on your feet again.

During this difficult time, we will believe in you. No documents will need to be signed and if you promise you will pay, we accept your promise. No deadlines either.

This is our proposal:

Tango Creations Studio will work on your website along with you. This will allow you to follow the process and learn during it. At the end of it, you will have your website up and running and you will be ready to update and upgrade it on your own.

You will have:

• A full WordPress website, including contact forms, image galleries, social media links and the capacity to sell your product on-line (taking payments too).

• Learn how to manage your C-Panel to install and update your WordPress, create sub-domains, email accounts and more.

• Use of simple, but effective, free apps to optimize the images for your website.

• Learn, if you need, how to take better photos of your product by using the camera you already have (or your phone).

How you will get this:

• We will arrange regular meetings in our on-line conference room. Yes, you will learn from home.

• By sharing screen and audio, you will be able to follow, gradually, the process. You will work alongside us and ask as many questions you may have.

What do you need?

Just a Laptop/PC connected to internet.

We will provide all the apps you will need. We will work with free software and copyright free images and music if you need.

How much it will cost?

As we mentioned before, there is no catch or trick. We sincerely want to help you.

We are not only going to wait for you, but also we will make the costs clear.

Learning how to make and manage a website is a process. Not everybody can follow the process the same way. Some people need more time than others need, some websites need more work than others need too.

Tango Creations Studio will charge on a Pay as You Go scheme. The cost is £30. – Per hour. (20% less than Studio Tango Creations usual price)
We estimate that a basic website will take around four to 5 hours to be ready and for you to learn how to use it. However, if your project needs more time, we will be there.

Unfortunately, there are some costs that we cannot cover but, do not be afraid, they are very low:

• A website needs a domain (the name), not all domains are the same, and you will be able to choose the domain you want/need. A domain costs around £10. – Per year. As you need to register it in your name, you will need to pay for it.

• Your website will also need a hosting service. The hosting should be in your name, for you to be able to manage it from the beginning. A basic hosting (usually more than enough for a standard website) will cost around £2.50 per month up to how you want to pay for it.

These are the costs you will need to pay in advance, nothing else.

You can pay the training and setup cost when you can. We will trust in your word.
You can pay monthly if you can/want or all together once, you are back in your feet again.


If you want to have the chance to have your website, please apply by completing this form.


If you wish to apply for this project please complete the form: