Support Groups for Adults

These support groups are an opportunity to explore in a safe and confidential space what is troubling you and intended to support your journey through a Person Centred, Compassionate and Humanistic approach. The experience of hearing from and being with others will help you to explore difficulties and find your own solutions in a nourishing and life affirming way.

The idea is also to develop your skills and inner strength in dealing with what  challenges you and what you find difficult in your life.

The Movement Psychotherapy groups aim to give you a safe and supportive space to come together and explore issues in both a verbal and non verbal way. A creative therapy using movement to express your thoughts and your feelings.
The group begins with a warm-up to get the body moving and then a theme often emerges that leads to exploration as a group that helps you deal with psychological challenges, and become more fully integrated emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially.

The Counselling Support groups allow you to have a sense of belonging and deepen your empathy as you hear the stories of others and realize you are not alone. You can practice social skills and gain insight into you own behaviors.

Who are the Support groups for?

People who are experiencing Anxiety and Stress. Depression and life changes