Voluntary opportunities

In Improving the health of Blaenavon and surrounding areas residents should be paramount.

But finding an activity suitable for everybody is complicated. Different ages, needs, different backgrounds… but all with the same goal: to improve the health.

Is it possible to find an activity that will suit all the spectrum of people and, at the same time allow all of them not only to improve their health but have fun?

We believe Archery is a very good option:

  • No limit to age: This is linked to the ability to draw the bow and loosen the arrow rather than age.
  • No limit of abilities: Even people with disabilities can practice Archery
  • No weather limitation: Archery can be practised indoors or outdoors.
  • Choose the level of fun: Participants have so many options: type of bows, style, participating just for fun or even becoming a professional and joining competitions.

Not to mention improving your health! Here are some ways in which archery can benefit you here:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination (The primary benefit of archery is that it improves hand-eye coordination. Aiming and firing the arrow increases your focus as well. Coordination can be improved with more and more practice.)
  • Strength building (All body components are used when practising, especially arms, hands, chest, and shoulders.)
  • Patience (Archery helps to build more patience. This sport requires immense patience because the game is not about speed but precision. Precision can take time and you should be patient enough to maximize accuracy.)
  • Focus (Archers need to filter out all the distractions and focus primarily on their form releasing the bowstring consistently. Concentration also helps a person to cope with high-pressure situations which is helpful in daily life.)
  • Improves confidence (Archery is a game where you can even compete against yourself. Similarly, it can be held against others as well. Results can be calculated to improve person’s form and boost an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.)
  • Socialize (People of any age and any type can enjoy the sport. Archery is meant to be for everyone. It also teaches a person other benefits like teamwork. Furthermore, it is a good way to socialize. A person needs to have adequate socialization levels in order to sustain a healthy mental life. Archery is an ideal way.)
  • Form of exercise (it can help to burn approximately 280 calories per hour)
  • Relaxing (Releasing an arrow and watching it hit the target can be extremely relieving. It can help you get rid of stress and make you feel relaxed. The act of focusing is a perfect package of relaxation)b
  • Hand flexibility (Finger and hand strength increases in archery. Flexibility increases as well because they are fully in use while practising.)
  • Open to all (Archery can be done by disabled people. People with severe disabilities can use special equipment to enjoy the sport.)

We, together, can help the people of Blaenavon improve their health & well-being and have fun.

Help us to create and run the Blaenavon Archery Club