Inside Out Movement Sessions

We are  delighted to be able to offer a FREE weekly Movement s for Healing Class will begin with becoming embodied and exploring the creativity and healthy energies from inside of us.

The classes will be delivered on-line by Karen Woodley who is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist with a huge experience of creative and healing movement.

Living in our bodies is essential and many of us are not because we don’t feel safe to do so and so the idea is to be very sensitive to the difficulties within and gently soften into new pathways of moving.

What will we be dong:

  • Movements
  • Meditation
  • Generative postures
  • Creative Moves
  • Posture poses
  • Fluid dance

The Benefits to you during this crisis:

  • To get to know your body
  • To listen to your body
  • To explore what wants to heal
  • To Connect and Renew
  • To build faith in your body
  • To let go of the anxiety and stress
  • To find a positive vision for the future
  • To Nurture your self
  • To Nurture your vision
  • Accessing the medicine you have in your bodies

What you will need to join:

  • A computer / tablet / phone access
  • A place with space enough to move in
  • Privacy and Time alone
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Some water
  • It is important that you be aware of your physical restrictions and if you have any condition that causes concern to call me for advice as it could be that you are able to participate seated.

Do you want to join us?

Please complete the form below and we will send you an email with the dates and instructions to join the sessions: