Expressive Painting for adults with Additional Needs & Parents & Carers

Painting as a medium allows people to experience their limitless creative self expression. Imagination, intuition, freedom and spontaneity are all essential aspects of not only our humanness but in helping us to develop our visual expression which in turn encourages people with additional needs such as autism to calm their anxiety levels knowing that it is their painting they are creating and at the same time they are making sense of particular living experiences.

Artwork by Mariano Salas

For adults with an Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) or who have a child with an ASC who want to come for some respite. We invite you to bring a carer or friend if you wish. Begin painting your own piece of Art and using Canvas to celebrate your expression.

* Find your inner Artist
* The paintings created can be taken home.
* The skills and techniques learnt can also be used to prolong a new hobby at home

Aims: To develop and express yourself through painting and at the same time perhaps enjoy finding a new relaxing hobby, whilst creating new friendships and connections in a warm and friendly environment.

The Benefits:

  • Gain new skills
  • Express yourself
  • Reduces stress
  • Make connections with people in similar situations to you
  • Improve concentration