Free Counselling for Crisis

We want to offer the best support we can through this Covid-19 virus we are all living through and for those of you whom feel particularly vulnerable because you are alone and have nobody around you then talking can really help you.

Anxiety can rush through us in moments and can feel overwhelming particularly at this time and perhaps not having ever experienced Counselling you may feel ‘I cant speak to anyone, I feel ridiculous, there are so many more people suffering more than me’ etc. Well, how about, lets give this a try and reach out for some help ? If you feel you could benefit from some additional emotional support then it is available here.

In a crisis the trauma can knock us in many ways and whilst via an on-line medium is not the best way to address traumatic symptoms it can help to support and contain the impact on you now and help find ways to manage this together with safety and stability.

During this global crisis our challenge is to practice mindfulness and compassion too as these can help us find an inner refuge and deepen our loving connection with each other.

Talking to a trained therapist can help you to explore your feelings and begin to help you to heal ‘on the inside’ as well as the outside.

We can offer you:

* A First Free initial session
* A further 3 sessions at a donation fee (at your discretion)

If you would like to book an appointment please complete the form below: