‘A return to kindness project to combat bullying’

The Milonga Moon for Children with Additional needs
‘A return to kindness project to combat bullying’


Artwork by Alicia Anselmi

This project has a therapeutic and educational nature for children with
special needs. The therapeutic aspect is experienced through the body and the
mind, we sing and dance Tango and we find our own unique ways of moving, we find
inspiration through music, play and art.

Most importantly too this therapeutic project has as one of its aims the transformation of bullying attitudes that re so prevalent these days in our schools and turning them into kind attitudes and life enhancing skills. Bullying destroys the lives of thousands of people and the traditional ways of dealing with it are outdated. It is necessary to build empathy and life skills in our children, not ones that disconnect them from their bodies but skills, attitudes and values that connect them with themselves and others.

In addition, the children will learn about another culture and about the dance that
was born there and is well known all over the world. The dance that connects!

The project starts with dance movement therapy sessions because this is a good
way to begin to dance.

Tango was chosen for this project because of the element of the connection that
happens through the embrace. The embrace reinforces links with another person
and at the same time with oneself.

Graciela Pesce explains in An Approach to Tango Therapy (Woodley & Sotelano, 2010, p. TCh109) that a dancing embrace intensifies
the sensation of well-being. Parents embrace their children, brothers and sisters, therapists with patients; everybody participates in this human gesture. She says:

“I remember seeing a mother with her autistic son dancing a Tango with a
close embrace in a very moving way. And a grandfather who went to see his
granddaughter at the school activity, dancing with her for the first time to the
music from his teenage years”. (Pesce, 2010)