The Art & Well-being for Health organisation is an art therapy centre offering a range of activities for adults, young people and children. Our areas of expertise encompass: 1. Person Centred Therapy, Counselling/Psychotherapy and Movement. 2. Psychodynamic Music therapy including mindfulness and GIM (Guided Imagery and Music) 3. Professional Art projects including Photography tutoring / […]

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Community projects

  We believe that connecting with the community is essential for...

‘A return to kindness project to combat bullying’

The Milonga Moon for Children with Additional needs ‘A return to kindness project to combat bullying’ Introduction: This project has a therapeutic and educational nature for children with special needs. The therapeutic aspect is experienced through the body and the mind, we sing and dance Tango and we find our own unique ways of moving, […]

Photography for children (from 6 to 12 years old)

Children are amazing observers, critical and with a very particular an innocent point of view. They like to be innovative and to use new technology. They like to express themselves. And we can help them to explore their own creativity through this project. Nowadays photography is accessible for everyone, even children. We all have a […]

Dementia Friendly Elders Morning & Tango Therapy Club

Elders are of the majority in Blaenavon and we feel it necessary to help them feel well and productive by making available good quality and life enhancing activities. The aim is to promote health and well-being in the golden years so life can be easy and full of joy.