The Art & Well-being for Health is a Community Group offering a range of activities for adults and young people.

Our areas of expertise encompass:
1. Person Centred Therapy, Counselling/Psychotherapy and Movement.
2. Psycho-dynamic Music therapy including mindfulness and GIM (Guided Imagery and Music)
3. Professional tutoring projects including Photography / print and design making / refining skills & development into work

Community Venue

As part of our projects and services for the community, we are proud to offer a high-quality venue open to the community and commercial activities.

Community Projects

We believe that connecting with the community is essential for people to contribute, learn and make new friends in ways that will not only strengthen their individual lives but will contribute to the earth and leave positive footprints, messages and hope for the future generations.



Free Counselling for Crisis

We want to offer the best support we can through this Covid-19 virus we are all living through and for those of you whom feel particularly vulnerable because you are alone and have nobody around you then talking can really help you.

Free Inside Out Movement Sessions

We are delighted to be able to offer a FREE weekly Movement s for Healing Class will begin with becoming embodied and exploring the creativity and healthy energies from inside of us.

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The “Back on your Feet (We trust in you)” Project.

Free Spanish Conversation

We can talk about the news, learn games with Spanish cards, we can even cook together (Will you like to learn how to make delicious Spanish dishes?) and more, much more.

We can still learn and share photography

In our on-line meeting room, you will be able to share your screen, chat, and or talk with other members. In addition, we will be able to guide you from our screen in how to use the apps and more.